Why Am I Referred Here?

Temporomandibular disorders are complex. Treating TMD involves highly technical equipment and specific protocols that general practitioners and other dentists do not typically have access to at their practices.

Dr. Rondeau and Dr. Sep have built their careers on diagnosing and treating TMJ disorders. They have extensive training and a deep understanding of TMD, the related symptoms and the various treatment options available.

Our doctors are known throughout Ontario for having the advanced knowledge and technology required to help patients just like you. Dentists and medical professionals feel confident referring their patients to Dr. Rondeau and Dr. Sep because they have a reputation for treating people with the utmost kindness and respect.

Our diagnostic procedure and treatment plans are comprehensive and highly successful. We have decades of experience helping patients find permanent relief from their painful, often debilitating, TMD symptoms. You can trust our process knowing that countless patients before you have experienced excellent results and are now living their lives pain free.