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Struggling with jaw pain and frustrated because you’re not getting the answers you need from doctors who are not trained in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders?

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Jaw Pain, Constant Headache and Earaches, Jaw Popping and Clicking, all signs of TMJ disorder.

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We make it our mission to educate, diagnose and treat the debilitating symptoms that keep people from enjoying life to the fullest. We have helped thousands of patients find relief from:

Persistent headaches
Constant ear and neck pain
Annoying jaw clicking and popping
Nighttime teeth grinding
Jaw tension and tenderness
Painful chewing and talking

How TMD affects the nation


of the Adult Population has TMD
(American Dental Association)


of TMD patients are female


of TMD sufferers don’t seek treatment


days of work are lost to TMD annually


Years Serving
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